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  • What is a wickless candle?
    A wickless candle is a container candle without a wick. It has no flame and is warmed using a fragrance warmer. Think of it as a large wax melt inside a glass jar. Once the wickless candle is placed on the fragrance warmer, the soy wax inside the jar will melt and slowly release the fragrance into the air. Because there is no flame, there is no smoke or soot in the air to cause any harm to you or your loved ones. When the fragrance warmer is turned off, the soy wax will solidfy again. The wickless candle jar can be re-warmed until the fragrance goes away.
  • What is the difference between the classic and deluxe 2-in-1 fragrance warmer?
    Both types of 2-in-1 fragrance warmers feature a warming plate to melt the wickless candle jars and a removable dish that can be used to melt the wax melts. The deluxe 2-in-1 fragrance warmer has lighting which emits a soft glow, a slightly taller base than the classic fragrance warmer, and an automatic shut off timer setting for 4, 8, or 12 hours.
  • When should I switch out my wax melts?
    You can remove your old wax melt once the scent of your wax melt is gone. **Do not keep adding new wax melts to your old wax melts. You will dilute the fragrance load of your new wax melt, which results in a weaker scent. You can also remove the wax from your fragrance warmer if you just want to try a different scent.
  • How do I remove the used wax melt from my fragrance warmer?
    There are different methods to remove your wax melts from your fragrance warmer but here are a few of our favorite ones: 1) Cotton balls / paper towel method: Depending on the size of the fragrance warmer, add 2 or 3 cotton balls or crumpled paper towels to the melted wax. The cotton balls or paper towels will absorb the melted wax. Remove once cooled. 2) Freezer method: This method is for fragrance warmers with a removable dish. Once the wax has solidified, place the dish into the freezer for approximately 30 minutes. The wax will contract from the sides of the dish. Remove the dish from the freezer. With your fingers, place pressure on one side of the wax and it will pop out. You can use the dish on your fragrance warmer once the temperature of the dish reaches room temperature. 3) Melt method: While your wax is solid, turn on the fragrance warmer. After a couple of minutes, turn off your fragrance warmer, and remove the slightly melted wax with a paper towel.
  • How do I store my wax melts if it was previously melted and I still want to keep it for later use?
    If it is possible, you can store your wax melts in the original container. If not, here are a few options: glass containers, kraft boxes, glassine bags, cellophane bags, and polypropylene bags. If you eat yogurt, wash and reuse these containers - they are perfect! If you want to use a plastic container, look for the number 5 inside a triangle on the bottom of the container. These containers will be safe to store your wax melts. Do NOT store your wax melts in food storage zipper bags. These bags can leach the fragrance from your wax melts.
  • Will other scents be available in the future?
    Yes, we plan to review our sales and adjust the product line to what our customers enjoy. We also plan to add seasonal scents so please let us know what you enjoy! You can view a list of what is currently available here
  • Do you take custom orders?
    We can customize your labels for the items we currently have in stock. Please click on this link to contact us and we can discuss options available.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Please request a cancellation within 8 hours of purchase or we may not be able to complete the order cancellation. Once an order has been shipped, we will be unable to cancel the order. Please contact us if you have any problems with your order.
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